Go Elephants! Norwich 2008

Go Elephants! was a public art event (biggest ever in Norwich) along the lines of Cow Parade. 53 elephants were made available to schools, business, local decorate. They were then left out for about 6 weeks & finally sold in a charity auction. A trail map was available to the public to help you find them. I think I managed about 45 before my feet gave out.

My first elephant
"Light Construction" my first fake elephant
Use public transport "Protect the Environment: Go by Bus"
Pseudo "Pseudo"
The Chocolate Elephant "The Chocolate Elephant"
Chaitali "Chaitali"
Go-Green Elephant "Go-Green Elephant"
Are We On The Right Trail? "Are We On The Right Trail?" one of my favorites
Hidden Depths "Hidden Depths" which was by the river
Eliffant Cymraeg "Eliffant Cymraeg"
The Ice Cream Eaters "The Ice Cream Eaters"
Sun’s Out, Holkham Beach Here We Come "Sun’s Out, Holkham Beach Here We Come"
Buzzophalant "Buzzophalant" the blurb on the leg said that elephants are afraid of bees
Feeling Fruity "Feeling Fruity" sponsored by Pret A Manger
Fair Folk of a Fine City "Fair Folk of a Fine City" ah bless
Golden Child "Golden Child"
Jemima "Jemima"
Locate Norwich City "Locate Norwich City"
The Elephant & Castle "The Elephant & Castle" Norwich has a castle rather like the one on the back of the elephant
Hefty-Lump "Hefty-Lump" near the band stand
The Flying Elephant Jumbo "The Flying Elephant Jumbo" which was by the footbal stadium


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