Action Man Sainsburys
              apple Sainsburys
              berry Budweiser can

              Survey Landranger - notice the balloon is registered as G
              - MAP Bic Soft Pen Bic Soft Pen Agfa film

              Mortgages Tesco trolley Tesco trolley Stowells of
              Chelsea winebox


All these pictures were taken by me at the 10th Northampton Balloon Festival in August '99. The Festival is free to enter, but they do charge for car parking, which is fair. I used my old Minolta X700 film camera with a 300mm lens. Also, I used a token from Kodak to try Photo CD for free. This saved me the bother of scanning the prints, & I liked the product, although I'm not sure I want to pay for it! I think they usually charge 5, or 6 pounds for it in the UK.

I own the copyright on everything on this page. Copying for personal use is fine, but please credit me.


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