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Click for bigger Ricky Carmichael factory Team Chevy Trucks Kawasaki rider, & Floridian. Ricky won the race his first 250cc supercross win, & went on to take the 2000 outdoor, & 2001 supercross series.
Click for bigger Jeremy Showtime McGrath multiple US Supercross winner. He was second in this race, & has never won Daytona. He went on to win the 2000 supercross series.
Click for bigger The French rider David Vuillemun is doing well in his first season in US Supercross. Note the split in his shirt he must be trying hard on that Yamaha!
Click for bigger Mike LaRocco flying high on a Honda.
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John Dowd factory Kawasaki rider.

Click for bigger Kevin Windham Honda rider.


Travis Pastrana won the 125cc race on a Suzuki. He was so far in the lead he had time to fall off, & get back on again. He's since won the 2001 125cc outdoor series. He's still only 19 is he the next big thing? He also won the X-Games as well, & can do a full loop on the bike!

I took all these photos using my trusty Minolta X700 SLR camera, & 300mm lens using 200 ASA Kodak film. I then used a token to have them put on photo CD, which saved me the effort of scanning them, & finaly I used Adobe software to tidy them up. I own the copyright on everything on this page. If you want to copy anything for personal use that's fine with me, but I would appreciate a credit, or link to my page in return.


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