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Estoril Beach

This is the main beach , but there are others . The train station is just behind the castle styled thing, & the casino garden across the busy main road. You can pay for a lounger, & shade, or use the public section for nothing, but you have to bring your own gear.










Estoril bikeshow

They had a whole lot of things going on in the casino gardens over the summer E.G. bike show, rally starts, or finishes, live music, fireworks, seven plastic pipes one painted in each colour of the rainbow what's that all about?











Kings' retirement home

This picture was taken from a small bridge over an inlet that would allow small boats to approach at high tide . I think some member of Royalty lived here after Portugal became a republic? You can go around the house for a small fee. It is near the lighthouse.












Old mariners' monument

You can go up to the top of the Mariners' Monument for a small fee , but we didn't bother as there was a queue, & it was overcast anyway.











Pena Palace

The castle style palace may not compare in terms of size to Versailles , or Buckingham, but I liked it's human scale, & quirkiness. In side is a fine collection of china. The palace was built over many years by several kings, & so reflects the fashions of each era. As usual you have to pay to go in, & be warned it is at the top of a steep hill, although you can get a bus some of the way. I think you can get a train from Lisbon, but we took the bus from Estoril. From the top you can see all the way to the coast.










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