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                  for thumbnail Cormorant , & young Anhinga, or Turkey Bird seen on the Lego bricks at the Disney Marketplace, which is part of Downtown Disney.
Click for thumbnail White Ibis seen near the pier in St Petersberg.
Click for thumbnail Willet seen on a Gulf Coast beach.
Click for thumbnail Loggerhead shrike seen near the pier in St. Petersberg.
Click for thumbnail Green-backed Heron seen by the boat pool in St. Petersberg.
Click for thumbnail Royal Tern seen on a Gulf Coast beach.
Click for thumbnail Black Skimmers seen on the beach by the pier in St. Petersberg. They were also skimming in the boat pool to, but I didn't manage to get a photo of that.
Click for thumbnail Northern Flicker (Woodpecker) seen on the Gulf Coast. This is the 'Yellow Shafted' variety, & it is a female as it does not have an eye stripe.
Click for thumbnail Lizard on plant sign at the Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota.


I took all these photo's with my trusty Minolta X700 SLR camera, & either my 300mm, or my 210mm zoom lenses using Kodak 200 ASA film. I then used a free token to have them put on photo CD, which saved me the effort of scanning them, & finally I used Adobe software to tidy them up. I own the copyright on everything on this page. If you want to copy for personal use that's fine with me, but I would apreciate an acknowledement, or link to my site in return.

The wildlife in Florida is very tame especially around town. Many of these pictures where taken in St Petersberg within a couple of blocks of the pier. We must have seen 30 species of birds there, plus wild dolphins, & rays. It is worth going down after dark as well as you can see night herons, & bats.



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