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                    Lizard jpg Brown lizard on a fence post at the Merritt Island Visitor Centre.
                    Lizard jpg Green Lizard on Merritt Island wildlife walk. It kept still for ages trying to maintain it's camoflage.
Wood Stork jpg Wood stork at Sea Life centre. Bit of a cheat, but thay are very tame.
Wood Storks jpg Wood storks at sunset on Merritt Island near the pier.
Royal Tern
                    jpg Royal Tern on Florida atlantic beach just about to take off.
Anhinga jpg Anhinga, snake bird, or turkey bird they float very low in the water, & often you can only see the neck, & head. Often seen drying off in trees with there wings spread out. Surprisingly the feathers are not waterproofed so they have to dry off regularily.
Turtle jpeg Turtle, & fish seen in the pool at the Merritt Island visitor centre.
Limpkin jpg Limkin seen at the Disney campsite wildlife walk. It had a nest, & we saw a changeover between adults.
Ibis jpg White Ibis seen on the Merritt Island wildlife drive.
Osprey.jpg Osprey seen at Busch Gardens. You can see this one has caught a fish. They are common in Florida, & even nest in the floodlights at Kissimee baseball ground.
                    Slippers jpg

These egrets are commonly called Golden Slippers, & I think you can see why? I took this picture at Busch Gardens.

Egret jpg Egret seen on the Merritt Island wildlife drive.
                    pelican jpg White pelican at Sea World.
                    Pelican jpg Brown pelican at the bridge that leads to Merritt Island. They try to steal the fisherman's fish, & often get hooks stuck in them, or line wrapped around them.
Skimmer jpg Black skimmer near the bridge to Merritt Island. I know it's the worst picture here, but was just so happy to see it. Before we went we had seen a TV programme about the wildlife in Florida, & this was the day before we came home, & this was our only sitting. It was very dark, & suddenly two skimmers appeared, & I got just this one shot.
                    Shouldered Hawk jpg Red shouldered hawk seen on the Disney campsite wildlife walk. It caught a small lizard, & took it in a tree near us to eat.



I took all these photo's in two weeks in March '94 . In fact most of them were taken in about three days at various locations including the Disneyland campsite , Seaworld , Merritt Island (closed during shuttle launches, & at night).

I used my trusty Minolta X700 SLR , with Minolta 75/210 mm f4.5 macro zoom lens combo . The wildlife is very tame in Florida . If you sneak around they get worried . So try USA style instead . EG Shout 'Honey come & look at this duck...', & you will get more, & better photo's.


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