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Updated 11th March 2018
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                Serow XT225 2004 BrazilYamaha
                Serow XT225 2004 Brazil
March 2018 Short ride on Blue in to town for coffee, and chat. I used my new Roof Desmo helmet, but it does not stand out in the snaps as it is matt black.
Emirates Air Line
              LondonExcel Motorcycle Show
February 2018 I won a free ticket to the Excel Motorcycle Show in London Docklands. So along I went, and obviously enjoyed the show. I treated myself to a new Roof Desmo helmet in matt black. Snaps here.

On the way to the bike show I had a ride on the Emirates Air Line (cable car) for the first time.
Snaps here.
New Street Adventure
              229 VenueNew Street Adventure
              229 Venue
January 2018 I loved the last New Street Adventure gig although I am sad there will not be any more. I have seen them 3 or 4 times, and always loved them.
Cometoldest British plane
              still flying
January 2018 Still on holiday and today I went to the Shuttleworth Collection. Snaps here.
Triumph Visitor
              ExperienceTriumph Visitor
              ExperienceTriumph Visitor
January 2018 Long story, but the short version is I'm on holiday when I was expecting to be working. However, the weather in the UK is not great in January, and the days are short...

Anyway I had my first visit to the Triumph Visitor Experience, which I enjoyed, and it was free! A few snaps here.

                Serow XT250 2007Yamaha
                Serow XT250 2007Roachford at EsquiresRoachford at Esquires
December 2017 Good Xmas with too much food, presents, family time, Star Wars...

Much enjoyed Sophia Soul, and Roachford at Esquires in Bedford, although there was a bit of an unscheduled break due to power problems. Also enjoyed Green (Scritti Politti) Gartside, and Alexis (Hot Chip) Taylor at Esquires.

Not ridden much recently, but I did have a little chug about on Green today, and gave her a quick jet wash.
                Airlander 10Airlander
                10 Yamaha XT250 Serow 2007
November 2017 Popped down to see the HAV Airlander 10 in the sunshine on Green.

Monster Ducati 1200 C-bow Hepco
November 2017 I replaced the clutch switch on Green as it was not working. A bit fiddly, but was able to do this myself. I have a wish list to do on both Serow over the winter. They may get done, or not? No panic as both bikes are ready to ride.

October 2017
Rosso had the "c-bow" luggage brackets fitted (see left,) a valet, and some other bits, and bobs just in time to be put to bed for winter.
Custard Factory
              BirminghamCustard Factory
              BirminghamMutt Motorcycles
October 2017 I had a nice ride about on Rosso with a mate where we stopped in at Moto Edit for a coffee.

I much enjoyed Metronomy in Birmingham, and also had a look around the Custard Factory, Mutt Motorcycles...
                Serow XT225 XT250Serow
                XT250 Yamaha
September 2017 I had a pleasant ride about with the TRF before my local lanes get shut for the winter on Green see near left.

October 2017 The following week me and my chum took out both Serow for a chug about. See far left.
2017 leaving
              Swaziland2017 riding in South
              Africa and Swaziland
September 2017  Just back from almost three weeks in South Africa and Swaziland. I had a brilliant time as before riding a BMW for 9 days, and then the trains, bus, hire car, etc for the remainder of the trip. Too many highlights to list here so probably best just to check the two photo links one, & two.

Other than that not much to report. All the bikes started first time when I got back, and I'm going for a short trail ride tomorrow.
Ducati 1200 Monster Rockingham Motor SpeedwayDucati Monster 1200 Stilton Bike Show 2017Ducati Monster 1200 at Cromer
August 2017 A busy Saturday with two free events in one day riding Rosso. Firstly to a local bike show in Stilton then on to a road safety show at Rockingham Motor Speedway. Snaps here, & more here.

The following Monday I had a ride up to Cromer for lunch, and back also on Rosso. A few snaps here. Since then Rosso has finally had a new back tyre. This time I have gone for a Pirelli Angel GT.
Brackley F0M 2017Brackley FoM 2017Yamaha
                Serow XT250 2007 Japan
August 2017 Another enjoyable weekend with good weather. I didn't do much on Saturday, but Sunday I went to Brackley Festival of Motorcycling in the sunshine on Rosso. Snaps of Brackley FoM here.

Then Monday out on Green for a solo trail ride. Snaps here.

                Life Story Jake Shillingford EsquiresMonster
                1200 2014
August 2017 I loved My Life Story at Esquires in Bedford where I was right down the front.

Recently I had a ride about on Rosso that included some food at the National Space Centre café, and first visit to the Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester plus afternoon tea break in the sunshine at Hungry Hogs at Hillside Café in Rutland. Snaps here.
Yamaha Serow XT250
              2007I Goat sculpture at
              Spitalfields Market August 2017 I had a short, but enjoyed trail ride with my mate Mark on Green.

I had an overnight in London where I had a catch up with two long time friends plus first visits to the British Library, and the Guildhall Art Gallery. Also I went to Spitalfields Market, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane... The goat sculpture (in the middle left)  "I Goat" caught my eye.
Ducati Monster 1200 Earls BartonRenault Spider at
                Earls Barton
July 2017 I went to see Motor Tapes with support from Too Cool Kid at a free gig in Cambridge, and they were both good. A local car and bike show at Earls Barton I much enjoyed. See left and snaps here.

I have bought a ticket to see Metronomy, but it is not for months.
                tern in Bedford UKYamaha
                Serow XT250 2007
July 2017 Pleasant weekend with a trip to the 100 Club in London to see The Monophonics, a free Mark (The Bluetones) Morriss open air gig in Bedford... Whilst walking around in Bedford I spotted this rather tame common tern on the far left.

Plus a trail ride on Green see left.
                Serow 2004 Brazil XT225Yamaha
                Serow XT225 2004 Brazil
July 2017 I had a short but enjoyable ride on Blue recently. A few snaps here.

                Serow XT250 2007Leaning
                tower of pisa June 2017 Not updated site for 5 weeks let's see if I can remember what I have been up to? Both Serow passed the MOT (UK safety check) this week. The only work required was that Green needed a new tail light bulb, which I sourced, & fitted. Rosso is running fine, but will need a new back tyre soon.

Last weekend I had a short visit to see a friend who is working in Italy. Much enjoyed Pisa (see left,) Carrara, Sarzana, MX GP of Italy... Snaps here.
Motofest Coventry
                Serow XT250 2007 Shuttleworth June 2017 In June I rode Green to a free entry charity event at the Shuttleworth Collection. See left, & snaps here.

At the start of the month I attended Motofest Coventry again, which I much enjoyed, and it is free entry! Snaps here & more here.

Bike Shed Tobacco
              Dock 2017
May 2017 I went to the Bike Shed Show again at Tobacco Dock in London, and loved it as usual. Snaps here.
Ducati Monster 1200 2014Rugby
                Bikefest 2017
May 2017 I've been to a couple of very enjoyable gigs namely Stone Foundation at Islington Assembly Hall, and Space at Esquires in Bedford.

I have ridden all the bikes as we have had some decent weather recently including a second visit to RockJo's Café
 again on Rosso, plus Rugby Bikefest, Jacks Hill Café (see far left.) Snaps of Rugby here.

I bought a used small Givi Tanklock bag for Rosso, and then ordered the tank ring, which I have now fitted. Happy with it so far without spending silly money.

Some trail riding on Green in the sunshine was enjoyed.
1917 Vauxhall British
              Army Staff carDucati Monster 1200 2014
May 2017 I attended Baldock Classic Car and Bike Show on Rosso a few snaps here.

I rode Rosso to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre Open Day, and on the way 10,000 miles came up on the dash. See left, & snaps here.
Yamaha Serow XT250Yamaha
                Serow XT225 2004
May 2017 An enjoyable trail ride on Blue see near left, and a few snaps here.

During the week I got cancelled by work one day so went to RockJo's Café bike night for the first time this was on Rosso. Also Rosso passed her first MOT, and went for a regular service. She needs a new back tyre in the not to distant future, but otherwise all OK.

Last weekend I went to the Super Sausage Café on Green to have breakfast, and a chat with chums snaps here. Then I had a trip out to Club 85 to see The Sherlocks, which I enjoyed. It has been a bit quiet on the gigs front recently, but have a couple later in May.
Toyota at Bicester
              Heritage Drive It Day 2017
April 2017 Sunday I visited Bicester Heritage again for the yearly Scramble / Drive It Day combination. It was great with a really wide selection of vehicles as usual,  Very hard to pick any one vehicle, but I did like this (on the left) Toyota 2000 GT only 351 built, and they have changed hands for over a million dollars. I have loaded many snaps here.
Ducati single at
              Jacks Hill Cafe
April 2017 I much enjoyed the Vintage Trucks event at Jacks Hill Café. I went in the car as it was a bit chilly to start with, but then the sun came out for a bit, and it became very pleasant. I liked the old trucks, but this Ducati single caught my eye. Lots of snaps here.

Rushton Triangular
                Serow XT250 2007
April 2017 Green is all back together, and I have been riding all the bikes. On the left a little trail ride on Green. A few more snaps here.

I have been to Sywell Aerodrome for first time this year, and the Rushton Triangular Lodge my first visit on Rosso. Snaps here.
March 2017 I have a few days off work as I had some leave that I needed to use or lose. I'm not planning to go away just doing bits, and bobs around town... So when I was sitting on my sofa I noticed the pheasant on the left in my garden.

I got Green out to ride, but it had a punctured front tyre so as I had some spare time I took the front wheel off, and have dropped it off to get some duff spokes fixed, and a new inner tube. Plus I took the front calliper off, and sent that away for rebuilding as it had been dragging. Just waiting for all the bits to come back, and refit them.
                XT225 2004 YamahaShould be
                OK to leave my bike here? Serow XT225 2004 Yamaha
March 2017 I've not been up to much exciting, but I do have tickets for gigs coming up including Space, Roachford, Stone Foundation, & My Life Story. The clocks change soon in the UK to summer time so I should be out, and about more.

I took Blue to Torque Racing where Martin fitted a new rear tyre, and some bar risers. I have been riding all the bikes when the weather has been mild. A few more snaps here.
Vintage car at
              Silverstone Pomeroy
February 2017 I went to a free vintage car meet at Silverstone Circuit, which I much enjoyed. Lots more snaps here.

I have ridden Rosso a couple of times, but only around town...
View of St. Pauls
              from Tate ModernOutside Tate Modern
January 2017 Xmas came and went with plenty of nice presents, food... However, I didn't do much apart from going to see Star Wars Rogue One, which I liked.

December 2016
I went to see The Coral for the first time this was at The Kasbah in Coventry. A couple of days before I went to see The Beat featuring Ranking Roger at Esquires both good fun.

November 2016 I went to see for the first time the Monophonics plus support band Crowd Control at the Brooklyn Bowl in London, and also had a look at the latest additions to Tate Modern, Flat Iron Square... See left and a few snaps here.

Since then I've had a pre-birthday dinner with my dad, and have been out on all the bikes, but just into town, shopping, the public library...
Duxford BlackbirdDuxford IWM American
November 2016 I loved The Bluetones at Esquires in Bedford.

Rememberance Sunday I went to IWM Duxford again partly to pay my respects, but also it was free entry. I did make small donations to the Museum, and the Poppy Appeal. In particular I had a good look in the American Air Museum, which was had a recent refresh. See left plus snaps here.
DC-6 Diner at
              Coventry Airport
November 2016 I managed to get out of bed early enough, and went to the UK's only airliner diner inside the DC-6 at Coventry Airport for breakfast followed by a free visit to the National Motorcycle Museum. At the museum lots was going on including talk shows with Foggy, Whit, McGuiness, Hutchie, fast lady Maria Costello... Snaps here.

A couple of days before I had a day off work, and went to see We Are Scientists for the third time. This was at Esquires in Bedford.
Kickback Olympia 2016
              Moto Guzzi
October 2016 A busy weekend with a quick spin on Rosso to Sywell Aerodrome on Saturday, Kickback Motorcycle Show in London plus the Ace Café on Sunday, and trail riding on Monday! Saturday snaps of bike show, and a few at the Ace here.

                XT225 2004 from BrazilSerow
                XT250 Yamaha Beta X Trainer green road October 2016 I had a ride out on Green around the Ashwell green roads with M on his Beta (see left.) A few snaps here.

A couple of days later I got cancelled at work so took the chance to have a solo trail ride on Blue around Whitwell
with a coffee and cake break. Some snaps here.
Monster 1200 Ducati Angels Cafe Mildenhall
October 2016 I had a ride about in Suffolk and Norfolk on Rosso including a very nice lunch at Angel's Café in Mildenhall (see left,) & later coffee & cake at the Waterfowl, and Wetlands centre near Welney.

October has been fairly mild so far so hope to get out, and about some more before Winter comes.

Ducati Monster 1200 north Weald airfieldYamaha
                Serow 2007 Xt250
October 2016 I've ridden all three bikes in three days mostly just about town, but I did ride Green on trail one Monday on trails I know well. I hope I can get out on the bikes some more this Autumn before I go into hibernation mode.

I've booked another day off in November, and got a ticket to see The Bluetones at a local gig. I have seen them before, and they were good fun.

I got the month off to a good start with a visit to Bicester Heritage for one of their brunch events. It was a bit chilly first thing so I went in the car, but the sun was out, and it turned into a lovely Autumn day. Around 300 snaps here.

The following day I rode Rosso to Wings Café at North Weald Airfield (see far left) for a first visit again in the sunshine. A few
snaps here.

Also I've booked a day off in November, and got a ticket to see We Are Scientists at a local gig. I have seen them twice before, and they were good fun.

Sunbeam at Sand and Motorcycles 2016
September 2016 I rode Rosso to Sand and Motorcycles event in Leighton Buzzard, which was good in the sunshine. I like this Sunbeam on the left, although the home made luggage not so much. I bumped into a few people I know, but had not seen for some time plus looking at the bikes, narrow gauge steam trains... Snaps here.

Since then I have been to see Blossoms for the first time at The Junction in Cambridge, and they were great. I have tickets for The Coral, and Monophonics before Xmas all bands I have not seen before.

Lots more things on the list for this year I hope we get some good autumn weather before I go into hibernation.
PaddlingDucati Monster 2014 1200 tea bar Walton
September 2016 Another short trip this time to Essex with an overnight stay in Harwich. Went to several places I had not been to before, or for years. On the near left Rosso is outside the Revved Up Tea Bar, and shop in Walton on the Naze. Snaps here.

I attended the Super Sausage Classic Suzuki Sunday but I sneaked in on Green, which is a Yamaha!
Snaps here.

A few days ago on a warm day I had the back door open in the evening, and a hedgehog came for a lap of the lounge, and then found it's way back into the back garden.
National Space Centre UKYamaha Serow 250 2007 September 2016 I attended the Baldock Bike Bash (see near left) riding Green. Some snaps here.

A ride on Rosso for a first visit to the National Space Centre (see far left) in Leicester. Bit wet to start with, but the day got drier, and then some late sunshine. I liked the museum, and think we will have a look at the Abbey Pumping Station next door sometime, and maybe the University of Leicester Botanic Garden too? A few snaps here.
sunset Hunstanton beachDucati Monster 1200 at Cleethorpes Pier August 2016 A short trip riding Rosso mostly to North Norfolk including a visit to the Fenman Classic Bike Show one night in Hunstanton (nice sunset,) Sherringham, Great Yarmouth... Snaps here.

Another busy couple of weeks. I missed the first HAV Airlander 10 flight as I was at work, but did see the second flight, and then the third flight, which finished with a heavy landing so I assume she is out of action for some time. More snaps here.

I had a ride out in Lincolnshire on Rosso with a mate where we went to the Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre for a first visit plus stops at RAF Coningsby, and the Iron Horse Ranch House.

I had a short solo trip also to Lincolnshire on Rosso staying one night in Skegness, and then riding up to Cleethorpes (see left,) and back via the Dambusters Memorial in Woodhall Spa, and the Iron Horse Ranch House. Some snaps here.
                Canal Festival 2016Yamaha
              Serow XT225 2004 Brazil
August 2016 I've been to the Blisworth Canal Festival for the first time riding Blue. Snaps here.

The Brackley Festival of Motorcycling for the first time in three years riding Rosso. More
snaps here.

I've ridden both Serow several times, but not done any trail riding for various reasons including my foot is still a little sore, and I don't want to hurt it again! Also my mate that I usually ride with has been busy plus I've had lots of other things going on!
E's on the hill 2016
              at Jacks Hill CafeSerow Yamaha 250 XT and HAV Airlander 10
August 2016 A very busy 10 days with lots going on. I've changed my black Renault Twingo for a used, but newer white one.

I've been to the Royal Gunpowder Mills for the first time riding Rosso. A few snaps here.

The HAV Airlander 10 is finally out of the shed, and I have been to visit it several times already (see near left.) The first flight should be soon. I cannot wait.

I went to E's on the Hill free entry event at Jacks Hill Café on Rosso. See far left, and a few snaps here.

Gathering of the Moths 2016Finchingfield village green Ducati Monster 1200
July 2016 Recently at the Gathering of Moths free entry event at Shuttleworth to celebrate 85 years of the de Havilland Moth. Many snaps here.

Early that week I had a ride out on Rosso for a first visit to Finchingfield village in Essex (see near left.)

Classics on the Common July 2016 I took a day holiday, and much enjoyed Classics on the Common local car show. Many snaps here. I thought the traffic would be chaos so I parked at Luton Parkway, and got the train the last 5 miles. When the train arrived it was one of the new 700 class trains so I had my first ride on one of them. My local train company only have 4 of them at the moment, but 55 on order.
                Monster 1200 at Jacks hill Cafe2007
                Yamaha Serow XT 250
July 2016 I had a day off work, & went to Dirt Quake V on Rosso. Some snaps here, and more here.

The following day I went to the Bedford River Festival mainly to see the bands such as Pearl Handled Revolver, and The Wholls for free.

Green is back from a service, and I thought was running great so I went on a TRF midweek ride (see near left,) and she let me down not starting when hot :( I need to get to the bottom of this! A few
snaps here.

I went to Ton Up Day at Jacks Hill Café again this year on Rosso (see left,) and as usual I much enjoyed it. The weather was OK, but on the way home it became a bit showery. Ton Up Day snaps here.
Oakley Motorcycle Club hot rod evening
July 2016 Recently I swapped round my days at work, and that allowed me to ride Rosso to a hot rod event at the Oakley Motorcycle Club, which I loved especially on what would normally be a work day. Some snaps here.

A very stupid event, and I've hurt my foot just when I want to be out and about doing lots of stuff! Update 1 Three weeks later, and the bruising has gone, but my foot gets sore as the day goes by. Update 2  Six weeks later much the same. My foot looks fine, but is still tender, and gets sore if I do some walking EG if I'm at work, or go to a show. It is fine when I'm sitting watching TV indoors!
Sparrowhawk in my
              gardenSparrowhawk in my
June 2016 The birds were going mad in the back garden, and then I notice a sparrowhawk has caught a smaller bird (see left.)

I have been out on all the bikes including on Rosso to the St. Ives Festival of Motorcycles
snaps here.

Plus the following day on Rosso to the Hook Norton Brewery museum and coffee shop Bourton on the Water for a look about plus a cream tea lastly Cassington Bike Night more
snaps here.

Blue is running fine, and Green has passed the MOT, gone for a service also the road tax, and insurance are all due!

Coventry Motofest 2016 SuzukiSuzuki Katana
June 2016 I rode Rosso to the Meldreth Bike Show, which I enjoyed. I took a holiday from work to go as it was midweek, and the weather didn't look great, but in the end it stayed dry. Some snaps here.

I attended Coventry Motofest, which I much enjoyed again in the sunshine, and it is my best price free! What I especially like about this event is the "dynamic" I.E. moving aspects of the show as they shut part of the Coventry ring road, and have demo's of various vehicles... One vehicle I did see, but didn't realise would be moving was the Aston Martin Vulcan. I thought it was too loud to be run in the UK but somehow Coventry got away with it. More pic's here and here.
beer at the Bike
              ShedYamaha Serow XT 250
May 2016 I went to the Bike Shed London Show at Tobacco Dock in the sunshine recently, which made me happy. They had over 150 custom bikes mostly pro-builds. Next year I might go to the Paris version, and then stay on for a few days? A few years since I have been to Paris. On the way home I stopped off at the Bike Shed club in Shoreditch for a beer (see far left.) Snaps here.

Earlier in the week I had a trail ride on Green with a few of the local TRF members. Snaps here.

Rosso has a new front tyre, and the handling has improved so I have being riding her daily as the Twingo is still broken. Update The Twingo is fixed! I went to a Buell owners meet (even though I sold mine) at Jacks Hill Café (see left) on Rosso.

The same day I went to see Yuck at Esquires in Bedford, they were great.
Brugge 2016 tripChimay in the sunshine
May 2016 I had a lovely three day break attending Fly Low 3 motorcycle show, Brugge, and Ghent all in Belgium. I went early Sunday morning on the Eurostar, and back Tuesday evening so I didn't use any holiday. Snaps here.

Since returning the Twingo clutch mechanism has broken luckily when it was on my drive. It now won't go into gear, but I know exactly what is wrong with it, and have ordered a new part for it. Looks easy to fix in theory, but in practice the part is located up behind the dash so could be fun to fit! Update I have the part, and it is being fitted today.
Yamaha Serow XT250Hybrid Air Vehicles HAV
              Airlander 10 May 2016 I have been riding all the bikes as we have finally had some warm dry weather in the UK. A few pictures of trail riding today here, and last Tuesday here. Rosso is going into Bedford Wheels for a new front tyre this week.

A couple of months ago I won an outdoors action camera, and I sold it this week on Amazon. So I have now ordered a new green Roof helmet to replace the bumble bee yellow one I already have.

Also last week both doors were open on the shed at Cardington containing the HAV Airlander 10 (see left) so I took a couple of snaps. I think the Airlander is to be moved outdoors soon, and maybe a week to ten days later will be the first UK flight. I simply cannot wait.
Bicester Heritage
              Sunday Scramble
April 2016 I took Rosso for her regular service, which went well apart from she needs a new front tyre before too long, but no panic as the weather for the next week or so is not looking great! It was very cold riding over only just above freezing, although the sun was out. Then when I was riding home a brief spell of hail followed by more sunshine then rain truly four seasons in one day. The joys of late April weather in England. Also this week I re-insured Rosso, and it was £50 cheaper than last year not sure why, but I will take it!

I went in the cage to Bicester Heritage (see left) for a classic car show, and drive it event, which was very good. I went to the same event last year. I took loads of snaps, which you can see here, and here.
Vauxhall Heritage
              Centre open day 2016
April 2016 I had a nice morning trail riding on Green on Tuesday, and lunch stop at Emily's Tea Shop in Whitwell, but then got a puncture, and wasted most of the afternoon sorting out a new inner tube... Some snaps here.

I had a first visit to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre open day in Luton. Lots to see, warm sunshine, and as usual I snapped away. Have a look here.

I've been out on Green around Benington, Ardley, Datchworth... to check out some lanes most of which I had never been on before. Some snaps here.
                XT250 Yamaha 2007XT225
              Serow Yamaha Brazil 2004
April 2016 Riding Blue recently in the sunshine I had some bits, & bobs to do in town then Flitwick Motorcycles to buy some new Weise trousers, and a bit of a trail ride to. A few snaps here.

I rode over to Cambridge Ducati on Rosso of course for a first look they only opened a few weeks ago. Not a huge dealership, but they had some very nice bikes including the new xDiavel. After that I had a coffee at the Surfin Café all in the sunshine.

I have been out on all three bikes in the last three days! Two trips were just into town for shopping, coffee... but then a trail ride (see far left) on Green yesterday. A few snaps here.
BMW 650cc rental in
              AustraliaGS650 BMW rental in
February 2016 I had a brilliant holiday in Australia my first visit, but I'm sure it won't be my last. I rented a BMW 650cc bike (see left) and did just over 2,700K on it. I visited Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Rutherglen, Echuca, Namoora, Lakes Entrance, Phillip Island... I have uploaded some of the photo's I took here.

Since returning I have taken my dad out for lunch to celebrate his 86th birthday.

I have been out on all the bikes, but only short runs to work, into town for shopping & coffee (see left...) It has continued mostly mild, but wet, and at times very windy this winter in England.
Citroen van1972 Nissan Skyline
January 2016 I got out of bed in time on the 1st of January, and went to Vintage Stoney free car and bike show. Snaps here.

I went on a free tour at Hybrid Air Vehicles to see the Airlander 10 in the shed. I much enjoyed it, and took some snaps, which you can see here. The airship is massive (longer than a jumbo jet,) but fills less than half the shed. It should be returned to flight by mid-March, or early April? I can't wait to see it buzzing about my house.

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