April 2018
Rosso had been naughty sometimes starting, and sometimes not so I bought a new Motobatt battery. I have these on both Serow. Also she had her yearly oil service, and passed the annual MOT (UK safety test.)

I had a very enjoyable visit for
Drive It Day at Bicester Heritage. I rode over on Rosso in the sunshine. Snaps here.

April 2018 I visited the Vintage Trucks Gathering at Jacks Hill Cafe on Rosso.

March 2018 I put some road tax on Rosso and had a little ride in the sunshine. I have booked her for a service in a few days, and ordered a Givi medium size tankbag (see left) for my trip to Belgium, and France in the summer. Also have weekends planned in the Yorkshire Dales, Great Yarmouth, & Bristol.

October 2017 Rosso now has the rack, and bags fitted, new headlamp bulb, chain adjusted, and oiled plus a valet, and covered in ACF-50 .

October 2017 I had a nice ride about on Rosso where we stopped in at Moto Edit for a coffee.

Been a bit quiet lately with Rosso. I was away in South Africa and Swaziland for almost three weeks, plus I have been riding both Serow...

I have ordered "c-bow" luggage brackets (see left.)

August 2017 A busy Saturday with two free events in one day riding Rosso. Firstly to a local bike show in Stilton then on to a road safety show at Rockingham Motor Speedway. Snaps here, & more here.

The following Monday I had a ride up to Cromer for lunch, and back also on
Rosso. A few snaps here. Since then Rosso has finally had a new back tyre. This time I have gone for a Pirelli Angel GT.

August 2017 Another enjoyable weekend with good weather. I didn't do much on Saturday, but Sunday I went to Brackley Festival of Motorcycling in the sunshine on Rosso. Snaps of Brackley FoM here.

August 2017 Recently I had a ride about on Rosso that included a quick visit to the National Space Centre cafe, and first visit to the Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester plus afternoon tea break in the sunshine at Hungry Hogs (see left.) Snaps here.

July 2017 A local car and bike show at Earls Barton I much enjoyed. See left and snaps here.

June 2017 I had a ride about with a mate where we went to Sacrewell Mill for a coffee, and cake, Gear 4 KTM dealer, and Iron Horse Ranch for more coffee!

May 2017 A second visit to RockJo's Cafe again on Rosso, plus Rugby Bikefest, & Jacks Hill Cafe. Snaps of Rugby here.

I bought a used small Givi
Tanklock bag for Rosso, and then ordered the ring, which I have now fitted (see near left.) I am happy with it so far.

Rosso went for her "oil" service, and that was fine. As expected the rear tyre will need changing this summer, but all OK.

May 2017 I attended Baldock Classic Car and Bike Show on Rosso a few snaps here.

I rode
Rosso to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre Open Day, and on the way 10,000 miles came up on the dash. Some snaps left, & more here.

May 2017 During the week I got cancelled by work one day so went to RockJo's Cafe bike night for the first time this was on Rosso.

Earlier in the week I took
Rosso for her first MOT, which she passed. Next week she is going for an "oil" service, and I have also paid out for road tax, and insurance!

April 2017 I have been riding Rosso occasionally, but mostly just into town... Now the clocks have changed in the UK, and the weather is picking up I expect to be out and about more on her. I have had her 3 years in a couple of weeks, and the clock is showing just under 10,000 miles.

I have been to Sywell Aerodrome for first time this year, and the Rushton Triangular Lodge my first visit on
Rosso. Snaps here.

March 2017 I had a short ride on Rosso just into town for coffee, and shopping.

October 2016
Busy weekend which included a quick spin on Rosso to Sywell Aerodrome on the Saturday for coffee, and cake in the Pilots Mess.

I had a ride about in Suffolk and Norfolk on
Rosso including a very nice lunch at Angel's Cafe in Mildenhall (see left,) & coffee plus cake at the Waterfowl, and Wetlands centre near Welney.

October 2016 I rode Rosso to Wings Cafe at North Weald Airfield for a first visit in the sunshine. A few snaps here.

September 2016
I rode Rosso to Sand and Motorcycles event in Leighton Buzzard, which was good in the sunshine. I bumped into a few people I know, but had not seen for some time plus looking at the bikes, narrow gauge steam engines... Snaps here.

September 2016 Another short trip this time to Essex with an overnight stay in Harwich. Went to several places I had not been to before, or for years. On the near left Rosso is outside the Revved Up tea bar, and shop in Walton on the Naze. Snaps here.

September 2016 A ride on Rosso for a first visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester. Bit wet to start with, but the day got drier, and then some late sunshine. I liked the museum, and think we will have a look at the Abbey Pumping Station next door sometime, and maybe the University of Leicester Botanic Garden too? A few snaps here.

August 2016 A short trip riding Rossomostly to North Norfolk including a visit to the Fenman Classic Bike Show, one night in Hunstanton (see left,) Sherringham, Great Yarmouth... Snaps here.

August 2016 I had a ride out in Lincolnshire on Rosso with a mate where we went to the Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre for a first visit  plus stops at RAF Coningsby, and the Iron Horse Ranch House.

Also I've had a short solo trip to Lincolnshire on
Rosso staying one night in Skegness, and then riding up to Cleethorpes (see near left,) and back via the Dambusters Memorial in Woodhall Spa, and the Iron Horse Ranch House. Some snaps here.

August 2016 I much enjoyed the Brackley Festival of Motorcycling for the first time in three years riding Rosso. More snaps here & I've been to the Royal Gunpowder Mills for the first time riding Rosso.

I went to
E's on the Hill free entry event at Jacks Hill Cafe on Rosso. See far left. A few snaps here.

July 2016 At the Gathering of Moths at Shuttleworth to celebrate 85 years of the de Havilland Moth. I rode there and back on Rosso. Snaps here.

Earlier in the week a first visit to Finchingfield village in Essex on
Rosso (see far left.) Snaps here.

I had a day off work, & went to Dirt Quake V on
Rosso. Some snaps on left and here, and here.

July 2016 I went to Ton Up Day at Jacks Hill Cafe again this year on Rosso, and as usual I much enjoyed it. The weather was OK, but on the way home it became a bit showery. Ton Up Day snaps here.

July 2016 Recently I swapped round my days at work, and that allowed me to ride Rosso to a hot rod event at the Oakley Motorcycle Club, which I loved especially on what would normally be a work day. Some snaps here.

Again I have been out on all the bikes including on Rosso to the St. Ives Festival of Motorcycles snaps here.

Plus the following day on
Rosso to the Hook Norton Brewery museum and coffee shop, Bourton on the Water for a look about plus a cream tea lastly Cassington Bike Night more snaps here.

June 2016 I rode Rosso to the Meldreth Bike Show (see far left,) which was good. I took a holiday from work to go as it was midweek, and the weather didn't look great, but in the end it stayed dry. Some snaps here.

May 2016 Rosso has a new front tyre, and the handling has improved so I have being riding her often as the Twingo is still broken. Update Twingo now fixed.

I went to a Buell owners meet (even though I sold mine) at Jacks Hill Cafe recently on
Rosso, which I enjoyed. The sun was out, and I bumped into a couple of Buell owners that I know...

April 2016 I took Rosso for her regular service, which went well apart from she needs a new front tyre before too long, but no panic as the weather for the next week or so is not looking great! It was very cold riding over only just above freezing, although the sun was out. Then when I was riding home a brief spell of hail followed by more sunshine then rain truly four seasons in one day. The joys of late April weather in England. Also this week I re-insured Rosso, and it was �50 cheaper than last year not sure why?

April 2016 A couple of months ago I won an outdoors action camera, and I sold it this week on Amazon. So I ordered a new green Roof helmet to replace the bumble bee yellow one I already have.

Sunday I had a first visit to the Vauxhall Heritage Centre open day in Luton. Lots to see, and as usual I snapped away. Have a look here.

I rode over to Cambridge Ducati on
Rosso of course for a first look they only opened a few weeks ago. Not a huge dealership, but they had some very nice bikes including the new xDiavel. After that I had a coffee at the Surfin Cafe all in the sunshine.

March 2016 I had a short ride on Rosso last Sunday just into town to collect some shopping, and have a coffee with chums in the sunshine. It felt very odd riding her after spending 10 days on the BMW in Australia!

December 2015 It has been mild, but often wet, and windy in the UK so far this winter. I have been on short runs on all the bikes although not much photo or news worthy to report apart from I rode Rosso to the ruins of Houghton House for a first visit (see left.)

September 2015 I had a busy day with a first visit to Sand and Motorcycles event in Leighton Buzzard (see left) in the morning, followed by a ride into London's West End for a final visit to Shaun in the City in Covent Garden, the Ace Cafe, and finally a cuppa with my dad all of this on Rosso. Lots more Shaun snaps here, and more motorcycles here.

September 2015 I rode Rosso to Sywell Aerodrome for ChipFest, which I enjoyed in the sunshine. I've uploaded a few snaps here. Then I bumped into a couple of chums at La Piazza on the way home.

I had a very good short break in North Wales visiting friends in the sunshine including a first ride on the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway. Also I went to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct UNESCO World Heritage site, Rhyl seafront, & Shrewsbury on the way home all on
Rosso. Snaps here.

August 2015 I have been a busy boy and not updated this site for over three weeks so lets see if I can remember what I have been up to? Well not much in the last few days as I've hurt my back and had to miss a couple of things including work and Brackley Festival of Motorcycling. Before that the highlight was a long weekend in Bristol for Shaun in the City public art/charity event. On the left Rosso is with "Championsheep." Lots more Shaun snaps here. There are 120 in total between the London and Bristol events, and I think I have seen 113 so far? I plan to see all of them but not sure when that will happen with my current bad back.

August 2015 There are some more snaps here of the places I visited on my recent trip such as Portishead, Cotswold Airfield, & Clifton.

I had a visit to the Super Sausage Cafe for a test ride on a Moto Guzzi V11, which I have no intention of buying, but I enjoyed the ride, and I had not ridden one before so that was interesting. Also I went to a little free entry custom show at Jacks Hill Cafe. However, I had to park round the back on the hardcore/gravel and managed to drop
Rosso when my foot slipped on some lose gravel. Not too much damage done apart from a broken brake lever, a couple of scratches to the bike, and I cut my leg. Perhaps that started my back trouble off although it had been sore for a couple of weeks before that. Rosso is rideable and I have ordered a new brake lever, which I pick up tomorrow. Other than that Rosso is running fine, and returning over 63mpg! Update The new front brake lever was fitted, but then a chum noticed the brake lights are always on. Took this to be checked, and it turns out the rear brake lever is also bent so I have ordered a new one.

The same day I went to the Oakley Motorcycle Club 10 year celebration, which was good.

July 2015 Recently a first visit to the Hell Fire Caves, which was interesting this was on Rosso.

Plus another busy long weekend with first visit on Saturday to Dirt Quake IV in Kings Lynn on Rosso, which I much enjoyed. Photo's here.

The Sunday to the Sharnbrook Hotel for Italian Car and Bike show plus I had a bit of a ride about on
Rosso. Photo's here.

Finally on Tuesday a ride to Elton Hall Walled Garden Tea Shop for lunch with a friend with me on
Rosso, and her on her new Yamaha MT07.

July 2015 I went to Ton Up Day at Jacks Hill Cafe on Rosso (see left) again, and enjoyed it as usual. Some snaps here.

I have done over 5,000 miles on
Rosso now in just over a year.

June 2015 I'm getting into this working 4 days a week thing with lots of days out including a first visit on Rosso to see preserved Avro Vulcan XM655 and the Touchdown Inn both at Wellesbourne Airfield. Some snaps here.

Later the same day we went to Cassington Bike Night, all much enjoyed. Some snaps here.

June 2015 I went to the 30th Meldreth Manor Bike Show (see left) on Rosso. It is a local charity bike show, which I have not been to before, but much enjoyed. I had not planned to go, but got cancelled at work on the day, and I nearly didn't go as the weather forecast was not great, but it stayed dry, and warm whilst I was there with just a shower on the way home. Some snaps you can see here.

June 2015 I had a great day out in North Norfolk on Rosso visiting the North Norfolk Railway, and having a meander round Sheringham in the sunshine. Rosso is running perfect now with a brand new back tyre, brand new throttle, oil service, valet, covered in ACF-50, and new screen. Not sure if it is due to the screen, or the type of riding we did but the average MPG was showing over 60 when I got back from Norfolk. The best I have ever seen before was just over 57. I'm not sure how accurate the figure on the dash is but I know I did about 115 miles on less than two gallons at one point, which suggests it is not far out.

June 2015 I have had a new throttle fitted to Rosso under warranty plus an "oil" service, but now she has a puncture, which I have struggled to plug. I've ordered a new tyre, but it is on back order.

May 2015
Rosso has been naughty recently going into limp home mode, and flashing lots of warnings on the dash. She is booked in to the dealers, but not until Friday 5th June as I could not get an earlier appointment.

Rosso has had a valet, and been covered in ACF-50 protection product. The Puig scren has been fitted.

May 2015 Big news from now on at my request I'm only working 4 days/week, which makes me happy. More days off for fun in the sun, and typically it is raining today! Oh well gives me time to update this, Facebook, and push the Dyson round the house... I might actually cook something today!

I went to Rugby Bike Fest (see left) on
Rosso. Some extra snaps here.

On the way home from Rugby I had a first visit to Braunston Marina, and the Gongoozler's Rest Cafe, which is on a canal barge. This is another place that has been on my to do list for sometime, and finally got around to it. Some more snaps here.

May 2015 I have bought a small GIVI magnetic tank bag for Rosso. I have used it once and happy with it so far. Also I purchased a Puig screen, and I have paid the road tax, insured her, and booked an "oil" service for early June plus plan to get her a valet, and coated in ACF-50. Expensive couple of months! I have had Rosso just over one year now, and mileage clicked over 4,000 recently.

May 2015 Recently on a lovely day, I rode Rosso to Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome in Essex for the first time. This has been on my to do list for awhile now. Enjoyed looking at the planes, buildings, cars, bikes... I have uploaded snaps here.

Recently I rode
Rosso to the H cafe on the Friday with a mate on his bike then went to the nearby Harcourt Arboretum for a first visit.

April 2015 I rode Rosso to Bicester Heritage for the first time for a classic vehicles show, and it was a great event. The event coincided with Drive It Day when people are encouraged to use their classic vehicles. Even the weather was kind with rain overnight, but it cleared to a cool morning, and a sunny afternoon. I have loaded hundreds of snaps here.

April 2015 I rode Rosso to Jacks Hill Cafe to see the vintage trucks meeting. Many pic's here.

We have finally had some decent weather and I have been out and about on both bikes. I rode
Rosso to Blue Bells Tearoom at Marsworth with a friend riding her bike, and on a different day we went to Gog Magog Farm Cafe also in the sunshine. A few days before I rode over to Tring on Rosso to have a look at a free photographic exhibition, which was OK, and the weather again was good.

April 2015 Over the Easter weekend I only had the Sunday off, and the weather was okay, but not great. However, I didn't want to sit around the house so after a bit of faffing around I ended up at a Classic Car Show at the Shuttleworth Collection. I was only there a couple of hours at most, but enjoyed it, and would go again. As usual I snapped away, and have loaded some pic's here. I went on Rosso, and it was the first time I had ridden her this year.

March 2015 Not much to report. I've been starting Rosso up once a week, and have now got a Ducati branded trickle charger for her to keep the battery in tip top condition. As the daylight hours increase, and we get a few warmer days I hope to be out and about on Rosso soon.

November 2014
I went to Motorcyclelive, which was good with lots to see and do. I took over 300 snaps some of which you can see here. I didn't buy much but did look at some bits and bobs for Rosso.

November 2014 I went to Remembrance Sunday at IWM Duxford again, but this year it was a little warmer so I went on Rosso. I was only there a couple of hours, & it was free entry. I had intended to get lunch there, but the queues were so long so I  had a little ride about on Hare Street (the original London to Cambridge coach road,) and then stopped at Buntingford Coffee Shop for carrot cake and cappuccino before riding home. I took a few snaps, which you can see here.

October 2014 I went for a ride about on Rosso to the World Famous Comfort Cafe for lunch then on to the Cambridge Technology Museum, which I had not been to before, but found interesting. It was dry, cool and cloudy, & not too cold for late October.

On the way home I had stopped at the Shuttleworth Collection for a coffee and cake when I spotted an interesting motorcycle, and heard something about a photo shoot so I hung around, and took loads of
snaps. You can find out more about the bike here.

October 2014 I went to a free vintage truck run that finished at Jacks Hill Cafe. Only about 20 trucks turned up, but also some interesting bikes on a sunny, and mild day for late October in the UK. I rode there on Rosso. On the way back I stopped for a coffee at La Piazza, and bumped into a couple of people I know, and had a good long chat. It was much warmer than the previous Sunday! Snaps here.

October 2014 Recently I rode Rosso to the Grove Lock pub next to the Grand Union Canal (see left) near Leighton Buzzard. It was a bit chilly at times, but I enjoyed my ride. I only stopped for a coffee, and a warm up. It was just good to be out and about still riding in mid-October. I took snaps which you can see here.

October 2014 I went to bike night at Jacks Hill Cafe, which I enjoyed. I have been to the cafe a few times but never in the evening.

I've done just short of 3,000 miles on
Rosso since buying her in May this year. Not much else to report other than I removed the tax disc holder as we no longer need to display them in the UK.

September 2014 I went to Railway at War event at the Northampton and Lamport Railway. I have not been to the event before, or indeed the location. It was a lovely day for late September, and I enjoyed the ride on Rosso, and the event. However, I was a little dis-appointed that the ride on the tracks was not pulled by a steam train.

On the way home I stopped at The Buttery at Castle Ashby Rural Shopping Yard for food, which was good, and not that expensive. I took snaps which you can see here.

September 2014 Recently I went to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre at RAF Coningsby to see both flying Avro Lancasters in the hanger. On the left is "Thumper" the British Lanc, which I had not expected to see in the air but got a bonus display of low level flying including a pass that must have been at 250ft right over my head. They also had their Dakota in the air plus Eurofighter Typhoons... In the hanger was Vera (the Canadian Lanc) plus various Spitfires, Hurricanes, a Chipmonk... I really enjoyed this plus the nearly 200 miles I rode on Rosso. I had coffee and cake at the BBMF, and stopped at Iron Horse Ranch House on the way back for dinner then a cheeky half at the Green Man with the Herts Beds and Bucks Bikers. All of these places were first time visits. I took snaps which you can see here.

September 2014 I had a ride about on Rosso and breakfast near Melbourn (England not the one in Australia) then went to a field near Duxford IWM to watch the two Avro Lancasters fly over. I would have bought a ticket for the show but was not sure of my plan for the day until the last minute, and then the air show was sold out. I took a few snaps which you can see here. Then I had a bit more of a ride around, and a coffee in the Taste Cafe in Baldock.

September 2014 I had a 3 day trip to North Wales to see my friends who live near Bala. On the Sunday I stopped at a biker cafe on the way to the Seven Valley Railway. I had a ride along the line stopping at some of the stations. In particular at Bewdley there was a classic bus and coach meet that I had a look at. On Monday I had a ride around North Wales, and visited Porthmadog for the Welsh Highland Railway. I didn't have a ride on the train as it takes over four hours to do the full round trip, but I did see one loco in steam and on the move plus I had lunch at the Sea View Tea Room in Borth-Y-Gest. Tuesday I rode home via Ludlow, and a cake break at Batsford Arboretum. I went on Rosso, and the weather was fantastic. Not a drop of rain in 3 days, and lots of sunshine, although it was cold first thing in the mornings. I took photo's which you can see here.

August 2014 Also in August I visited the LAA (Light Aircraft Association) Rally at Sywell Aerodrome, and then rode on Rosso over towards Santa Pod where they had a VW show. I didn't go into the show, but parked up and took some photo's of the vehicles coming out, and you can see them here.

August 2014 I went to the Little Gransden Airshow to see the two Avro Lancaster bombers fly by, and also as a bonus they had the Avro Vulcan to. I didn't actually go into the show as it was sold out, but I could see the planes from the road side nearby, and I did make a small donation. I have uploaded some snaps here.

The day before I went to the Nene Valley Railway, and Sibson Airfield neither of which I had been to before, and I enjoyed both. On the left
Rosso is parked up at the N.V.R. I have uploaded some snaps here.

August 2014 Recently I went to the Sywell Great War Airshow, which I enjoyed although the weather was a bit mixed and as a result of that a few displays were cancelled or curtailed. In particular I wanted to see the two Avro Lancasters together, and they got cut. Anyway I still enjoyed it. I have uploaded some pictures here

July 2014 I went to Classics on the Common for the first time and loved it. Over 1,000 classic cars and some bikes in the sunshine. I've loaded over 200 pic's here.

Before that I went to
Pacific Cafe at Cranfield for lunch, and after Classics on the Common I went to the Horse and Jockey for a meet of the HBBB all of this on Rosso.

July 2014 I had a bit of a chug about on Rosso where I tried to go to the Pacific Cafe at Cranfield University, but could not figure how to get to it as there were lots of locked gates... So I went to Noona's in Woburn Sands for coffee and cake instead, which I enjoyed. Lastly to La Piazza in Bedford, where I met up with some fellow bikers, and we had a nice long chat and more coffee.

The previous day I rode
Rosso to the first Oakley Bike Festival, which I much enjoyed, although eventually I had to leave to go to work. Lots to see, and I took some snaps, which you can see here. On the left is a Patton as raced in the IoMTT lightweight class.

July 2014 I had a bit of a ride around on Rosso visiting Ridgmont Railway station tea shop for tea and chocolate cake. They have a tiny visitors area that I had a look at. Then I rode to Cogenhoe Mill for a quick drink. Neither of these places I had been before and I finished the ride with a coffee at Sywell Aerodrome. There's a few snaps here. The pilot of a helicopter impressed me by flying right up to the pumps. I've never seen that before.

I went to
Ton up Day at Jacks Hill Cafe, which I have been to a few times before, but it is free and I like it. I took loads of pic's some of which are loaded here.

June 2014 I went to the Ludgershall Bike Night for the first time on Rosso. I enjoyed that and took some snaps, which you can see here. On the left is a general view of the classic bikes.

June 2014 I visited the first St. Ives Festival of Motorcycling a small local charity event. Not huge amounts to see, and it did rain, but still enjoyed. I rode there, and back on Rosso, which has done almost 1100 miles now, and I have had her 8 weeks. She is not perfect, but still very happy with her so far. I uploaded some snaps here.

June 2014 I went to a free custom bike show at Jacks Hill Cafe on Rosso, which I enjoyed then had a bit of a ride around, and ended up at the BMW dealer in Northampton for coffee via the Express Lifts Tower. You can see the tower for miles, but I've never had a close look before. It appears out of place as it is now surrounded by housing. Some snaps of the custom bikes

osso had her first service, which went fine so she is run in now, and I can ride her as much as I want.

June 2014 One Thursday I got off work early so was able to ride Rosso to the Oakley Motorcycle Club. Then Friday morning before work I had a ride about on Rosso with M on his bike. We went to Milligan's Kitchen (used to be Ken's Diner) in Finedon for coffee, and fresh cake still warm from the oven.

I went to Olney
Motorama local charity car and bike show. I have been before, and much enjoyed it again in the sunshine. I rode there on Rosso. I took about 300 snaps some of which you can see here. On the way back I had a bit of a B road ride about, then went to La Piazza for more coffee. When I got home I had a message to say my mate Clive had a used but almost new magnetic tank bag that should fit Rosso? So I nipped round to see him, and did a swap for a Buell tank bag that I no longer use.

June 2014 Recently I rode Rosso about for a bit with a couple of stops at the Super Sausage Cafe and Pure Triumph Woburn.

The service symbol has appeared on the dash, but I could not get her booked in until Friday week.

May 2014 I rode Rosso to the first Rugby Bike Fest in the town centre. I much enjoyed that in the sunshine on the warmest day of the year so far in the UK. On the way back I stopped off for a tea break at Jacks Hill Cafe. I have loaded some more pic's here.

I got to have a proper run out wearing my new Roof helmet, which I'm happy with so far. I did over 100 miles in the day, and the bike has now done over 500 miles.

Since then I have ridden Rosso to work a couple of times, and to the Oakley Motorcycle Club night once. Plus I have booked her in for the 1,000K (about 625 miles) first service, but it is not for almost three weeks so think I will be well over mileage by then? I have done about 555 miles so far.

May 2014 I had two rides on Rosso on the same day. The first to Canons Ashby for coffee and cake with a friend in the sunshine. I'd not been there before but have been past once. In the evening I went to the bike meet at the All Seasons Cafe. I've been there only once before, after that I went to Finedon to have a curry with an old friend. I took some pic's at the bike meet, which are uploaded here. I've now ridden about 400 miles on
Rosso so I'm getting used to her.

May 2014 I have my Ducati Monster 1200 I got it Saturday and have done over 100 miles already. Early thoughts are that I'm happy with my purchase. I had a little ride about on Saturday before work then went on an Oakley Motorcycle Club ride on Sunday to the Long Itch Diner. I took some pictures, which you can see here.

I traded Red my Buell 1125 CR in at St. Neots Motorcycles plus added some money from savings to get this bike.

Now with added Facebook 

You can mail me r_coughlan@yahoo.co.uk