Mostly standard Kawasaki ZX-6R that has been Datatagged, white crash "mushrooms", & a Bagalux harness/bag. Bought new in June 2000 on a "W" plate. Forks have been raised through the yokes by 10mm as I'm a shortie this helps. It does sharpen the steering a bit, but that's not a problem on this bike as the standard steering is relaxed. Also has a tail tidy which changes the view from the back (see pic). Above is standard, & below is like my bike.


Update June '02

The bike came with Dunlop D207s that were just OK, but it now has BT010 front, & BT020 rear "boots". I read several threads on the Motorcyclenews website that suggested this was a good combo for my bike. The front is slightly softer than standard, but won't last forever. The back is more of a compromise tyre. I had a soft front on the Yamaha Thundercat I had before this bike, & it does wonders for your confidence in wet, or dry. I got them fitted at Bedford Wheels, which is actually in Kempston. They do a ride in/ride out service, & charged me £220.

Update Xmas '04

J treated me to a trickle battery charger, which is good, & bike fires up first time even if I've ignored it for weeks. Plus she got me an iridium screen which is slightly higher than the standard one. I've fitted it, & looks good. Also, got some blue screen bolts, which I think go well with the green bike.

Update July '05

Bike is now 5 years old & done about 16,000 miles. Just fitted another pair of bridgestones "hoops." Went for BT014 on front plus a BT020 at back from Bedford Wheels using their ride in/ride out service again.

Update March '07

Some blind idiot crashed into me on the A1 last July. Has taken ages to get it all sorted. I was not hurt apart from a sore knee but the bike took a lot of cosmetic damage. Also put two big gauges down the passanger door & wing of his car. I thought the ZX might get written off but the insurance came through eventually. Had to have a new fairing, exhaust, some spray work... I'm going to keep the bike so took the time to change a few things. It now has a loud (but legal) end can, stainless steel brake hoses all round & the bar ends are painted silver to match the frame. Will take a photo, or two of it soon & upload.

Joined the Oakley Motorcycle Club at Easter. Have only been to one meeting so far but hope to get out with them over the summer months.

September '07

Oh dear somebody pulled out on me. I'm not badly hurt but the ZX took a big hit. Been speaking to the insurers & it's going to be written off. Looks like the end of this page. Will see how much I get paid out & take it from there.

November '07

I've bought a brand new Kawasaki Z750S and started a new page here.

Now with added Facebook 

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