Blue Tit in nest box above my back door

Great Crested Grebes at Bedford Priory Park

Common tern in Bedford

Pheasant in my back garden

Sparrowhawk in my back garden

Grass Snake




Moth Barn Owl

I used an old Minolta X700 SLR camera for these images bar the grass snake which was taken with a mobile 'phone. I generally use the SLR in aperture priority mode. I keep an eye on the speed it chooses for me to make certain it is not too slow for me to hold the camera still. The images on this page are scanned from prints taken in about the last 10 years. Prior to that I used slides as I gave a few talks on practical conservation to local groups. I use any old film I happen to have. The lens used for all of these is a Minolta 75/210mm f4.5 macro zoom, & I did not use a tripod for any of them.

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