Updated 11th March 2020

March 2020 I have bought some C-Bow brackets for new Rosso, and Royster bags (see left.) This is similar to what I had on old Rosso.

February 2020 I've been looking into saddle bags, but not made a decision yet. I have been out on new Rosso a couple of times, but only into town, or local shopping...

October 2019 I picked up my new (to me) 2017 Monster 1200, and I'm enjoying it so far! I had a little ride around after I collected it including a first visit to Krazy Farm, and a cup of tea at Jacks Hill Cafe.

October 2019 I have paid a deposit on a 2017 Ducati Monster 1200 to replace Rosso the 2014 Monster 1200. The new (to me) bike has less than 7 thousand miles, full service history, heated grips, a bit more power, cornering ABS, quickshifter...

September 2019 I rode to the Cotesbach Garden Barn for coffee and cake, Butt Lane for a photo, and Foxton Locks for tea, a look in the museum, & a walk about in the sunshine all for the first time.

September 2019 I had a ride around on Rosso on a cloudy day to Caffeine and Machine for lunch, and Turweston Flight Deck Cafe for afternoon tea and cake.

Also I went to Suzuki Sunday event riding Rosso then on to Jacks Hill Cafe for tea and cake.

Quick spin out on Rosso to the Oakley Motorcycle Club in the sunshine on Thursday.

September 2019 I've not been into the website much lately, but with Autumn starting I think I will give it another go. I had a ride out on Rosso to The Costwold Diner, and The Artyard cafe with a mate on his new to him KTM 1290.

September 2019 I had a ride out with first visits to the Fenland Aero Club cafe, and Chris Walker Kawasaki and Indian showroom, & cafe. Mostly in the sunshine, but did hit a heavy shower on the way home.

Also I went to the MotoGP at Silverstone with hot sunny days unlike the rain, & cold of last year.

September 2019 I'm back from two weeks in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, one day in Germany... I much enjoyed this in particular the MXGP at Lommel, and the road racing at Chimay. Snaps here.

February 2019 Not much to report on Rosso. I have been starting her up weekly, and have ridden into town a couple of times on milder days. Planning is continuing for our trip to Belgium... I'm looking into motorcycle suitable travel insurance at the moment plus googling places to visit, etc.

January 2019
I booked Le Shuttle tickets for our summer trip to France, Belgium, Luxembourg (first visit) a day in Germany... Also I booked some hotels. I hope to go to the road racing at Chimay, and the MXGP at Lommel plus lots of other places.

November 2018
Last ride of 2018 was to OSO Coffee and Cake and I liked it.

October 2018 I've had a first visit to Ducati Peterborough, watched the steam trains go by at the Nene Valley Railway, an event at Jacks Hill Cafe... Spirit of 59 snaps here.

I am planning to take Rosso to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and maybe a day in Germany this summer. I've already renewed my passport, which ran out just before Xmas, and booked a couple of hotels.

September 2018 I rode Rosso to Sand and Motorcycles event on a cool, and cloudy day, but it did stay dry. Snaps here.

September 2018 I attended Classic Suzuki Sunday at the Super Sausage Cafe riding Rosso snaps here. I know it is a Kawasaki at a Suzuki show, but the bike on the left caught my eye as it should have 3 cylinders not 4. Lovely piece of engineering.

I went to Chops and Propsevent at Shuttleworth on Rosso. Snaps here.

September 2018 I had an excellant weekend away staying in Bristol for the Gromit Unleashed 2 public art trail, but also enjoyed The Classic Motor Hub, Weston-Super-Mare beach and pier, The Helicopter Museum, Aerospace Bristol, Cotswold Sculpture Park... All this riding Rosso. Lots of snaps here.

Since returning from Bristol I have been to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre for the first time on

August 2018 I went to the MotoGP practice at Silverstone riding Rosso. I also had a ticket for the races on the Sunday, but didn't go as the weather was awful! See left, and snaps here.

August 2018 I had a nice long rideabout on Rosso into Lincolnshire with several stops including at RAF Coningsby, Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre, Woodhall Spa, the Dambusters Memorial, Petworth House Hotel... See left, and snaps here.

August 2018 Another day out on Rosso this time to The Booking Hall Cafe, a first visit to Maldon Quay, and Finchingfield before home. See left, and a few Maldon Quay snaps here.

July 2018 Another day out on Rosso this time to the AV8 cafe at Cotswold Airport in the sunshine!

July 2018 Another weekend away on Rosso this time to the Wheels Festival at Gt. Yarmouth in the sunshine plus a first visit to the Norfolk, and Suffolk Aviation Museum... See left, and snaps here.

July 2018 I had a very enjoyable 4 day long weekend in the north of England with Oakley MC. See left, and snaps here.

June 2018 Still on holiday, and been out to various places on Rosso including Jacks Hill Cafe, RPM Bikes, Skins Cafe, Cassington Bike Nite... See a couple of snaps from Cassington on left, and more snaps here.

June 2018 I went to Royston Motorcycle Show on a sunny evening riding Rosso. See left, and snaps here.

June 2018 I had a very pleasant 11 days in France, Belgium, and Holland riding Rosso. See left, and snaps here.

June 2018 Much enjoyed a rare Friday evening off, and a trip out on Rosso to Bike Night at Jacks Hill Cafe in the sunshine. See left, and snaps here.

May 2018 A few rides on Rosso including a first visit to Wycombe Air Park, Evenley Wood Garden, and return visits to Bicester Heritage, Sywell Aerodrome...

I've been to a free car meet at Towcester Racecourse riding Rosso in the sunshine, snaps here.

Also I had another ride about including stops at Iron Horse Ranch, &  Hungry Hogs again in the sunshine!

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